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01 January 2000 @ 11:41 am
blogcrew claims 3  
Yes, another one. <3 I just love Hiroto so much. I love him more than anyone would ever know.

All claims are HIROTO, as usual.
You've been warned. X3

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HIROTO knows that my heart is beating for only him.
He's my destiny, and I'm his.

There's Just Me & You

Look at me, look at me, don't always think of her
Don't love, don't love, she doesn't love you
You're too perfect for her
Don't keep on staring at your cell phone
Don't be so halfhearted
You understand, you're clear on it, my super boy

I feel like we can meet again if we return to that time.
I close my eyes and call for the boy who lives in my grey memory

But Oh, my love that I cannot touch even when I draw
But Oh, my love that cannot hear even when I shout

Oh beautiful boy who lives hidden inside my heart
My unforgettable first love.

I see you again and you, you are my love.
I see you hundred times and I, I am your love.

You are my match made in heaven.
You took the wrong path, that's all.

Even if I am born again, I only want you.
Even if I love again, I only want you.

You will come back, you will come back.
Because without you, there is no me.

You're my only one,
Wanna be your superstar,
We know we can be in love.

We're hand in hand, chest to chest, and now we're face to face.
HIROTO, don't you feel the passion ready to explode

I fall in love, Zing! Boom!
The sky up above, Zing! Boom!
Is caving in, Wow! Bam!
I've never been so nuts about a guy.
I wanna laugh, I wanna cry.
It was so peaceful until I fell in love with HIROTO.

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you.
You wanna touch me, too. . .
Just put your hands on me.

High and Low by alice nine. is my song!

RAINBOWS by alice nine. is my song!

Tell me your wish
& I'll make it come true
Coz there's nothing I can't do
For you

Hold me so our two loves will become one and never part
There will still be nights when we're anxious
So, in those times, hold me tight for a long time
You’ve given me so many irreplaceable things
But the most irreplaceable thing, more than anything else, is you

I can’t stop my love for you
I hope there can be a place for me with you in the future we talked about
Oh baby, I can’t stop my love for you
I swear I’ll be your everything,
And walk with you, believing in our joined hands
I doubt we’ll walk at the same speed
So if I lose hold of your hand by my side,
Come back to me so I don’t lose sight of you

I'll take over your heart so that even when we’re apart
You won’t be able to think of anything else except me

Dear ,[HIROTO]
do you know, I L O V E Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
because I know you will be there && bring me anImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
and W E both Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Diary is filled with memories between me and HIROTO ♥.

I wanna have your


You are as sweet as candy,
You're my SUGAR DANDY.

My treat, not yours!


I don't want anyone else, it's only you;

When you ask again, it's only you;
Even when I'm borned again, it's still only you;
I don't need any word but just you.

Saranghae, HIROTO oppa.

HIROTO would catch every star in the sky,
just for me.

Gimme back HIROTO,
I had him first!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
just thinking of you brings a smile to my face
no one in my life could ever take your place

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i think about you; every minute of everyday
the thoughts of me and you just dont go away

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
if only i could show you how much you mean to me
imagine how great the two of us could be

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
the memories we share i will never forget
you be my romeo so i can be your juliet


HIROTO is my trampoline,
NOT YOU and ONLY ME is allowed to bounce on him!

Photobucket The reflected world is a dream,
The night's dream is a reality.Photobucket
You are my dream,

Ring Ding Dong,
My heart is calling for you;


HIROTOwas the best birthday present Ever!

just let me be your
baby girl

my feelings get better as I look at you
I find myself randomly singing

I even want to buy a single rose
The side of myself is so new

As my heart becomes closer to you
The world become more beautiful

If you feel my nervousness
Will you wait just a little bit?

stand by me
look towards me

even though I don’t know love yet
stand by me

guard over me
because I am still clumsy at love


The more I get to know you, my heart quivers
All I can do is smile

Shall I try to kiss you?
Will it get me a little closer to your heart?

Could this feeling be love
Im still shy

I haven’t even taken a single step to you
So please wait for my love

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

I promise you, I won’t wander off anymore
I’ll be strong...and prove myself to you
I won’t run away, I’ll turn around to face you
so I can see how you feel, to heart

When pain or bitterness pulls us
apart, we can hold each other
We’re no longer alone,
because everything is answered by true love

I will believe
so the two of us can be together in love

I’ll hold your hand forever, don’t let
go, let’s make a promise, the two of us

A pair of thoughts, now they can come
together and from a whole

Just the two of us

I believe that right now we can
strengthen this young and complacent love
There can be truth
A new beginning
I want to be one with you


It's just you and me and there's no one around.
Feel like I'm hanging by a thread; it's a long way down.
I've been trying to breathe, but I'm fighting for air.
I'm at an all time low with no place to go.
But you're always there when everything falls apart

When you say, "Baby, it's gonna get better"
I believe you and I wish that somehow
I could see me the way you do.
There's no me without you

You're the only one that keeps me singing la la la
I love to smell your t-shirt
I like the way you are
But most of all I like it - like it

But what if I need you baby
Would you even try to save me
Or would you find some lame excuse to never be true
What if I said I love you
Would you be the one to run to
Or would you watch me walk away
without a fight

It's in your eyes, feelings can't be disguised, cause the truth
makes me want you to tell me lies, my biggest fear, is crying
oceans of tears, I would rather you not be so sincere.
How cold could you be, what would you do if you were me,
I'm better off, if it's a mystery.

Even though I get all the gazes of many guys
If it's not you, I'm not even interested
I still become shy whenever I stand in front of you
Why am I like this?

I want you now
Why are you always rejecting me, I really hate you
Stop avoiding my gaze and look at me properly

Are you really going to be like this,
why do you always pretend not to know me?

Please, just pass by pretending like you don't see me
Please, don't even give me a glance
In the days that are like the sandy winds
Don't give anything to me,

Whenever you're sad, if you just look upon my face
You will suddenly smile joyfully
I can make you happy
I'm perfect for you ♥

For a long time, I've been living, having forgotten of you
For a while, I thought I was doing fine
However I started to realize it as time passed by

That I am nothing without you
At that time, if only we had been a bit more mature

If only we knew how we would be right now
I have no confidence in overcoming these endless regrets

So I've had to just repress them
One year has passed like that

You're my honey; as sweet as can be
Can't you see? We were made for each other
Through the snow and rain,
I promise, I will always be there

[[Dancing in the Moonlight~♫]]
Let's just keep listening to this;
Just put it on repeat
and we can dance the night away

Let's keep everything cool;
no fire, no passion,
just you and me; an endless bliss.
Let this be our forever

Day and night, Night and Day
My thoughts always linger to you.
Why is that so?
No matter what I'm doing or where I am,
The only thing I see is you;
You're sparkling eyes, and
you're protective arms around me.
I can't breathe, but only with you I can.
Inhale, exhale.

You had your bags packed.
Two cold gray suitcases,
generic and inconspicuous.
No words were exchanged.
But I know we were both thinking one.
As you walked to the beaten old car.
Each stride controlled,
just like the rest of you.
I stared ahead,
looking, not seeing,
as the car rolled forward, inch by inch
Each on a chance for me to run after
and say goodbye.
But inches became miles,
and miles became gone forever
as I stayed rooted to the ground
rooted to the ground
because you never looked back.

Don't you love it whenever it rains?
The smell of the newly wet grass,
The feel of the cool stones.
The best part? When a rainbow appears

We can live in our own little world;
Just the two of us.
It'll be filled with love and passion,
A place we can call our own.
Something only the two of us can share.

I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused.
I'm sorry for the things I've done.
I'm sorry for the way I've hurt you.
I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.
But I'm not sorry about the way I love you [[HIROTO]]

Your voice is like an angel's
Your dancing is hypnotizing
Your smile is so bright
Your kiss is so sweet

It's midnight now.
Tick tock, Tick tock
I watch the stars sparkle,
as I think of you.
Only you, [[HIROTO]],
can make me feel this way.

Just because you're with her
Doesn't mean I wont stop loving you.
Just because you're holding her
Doesn't mean I've given up.
Just because you're kissing her
Doesn't mean I'm not broken.
Can't you see baby?
I'm nothing with out you!

Let this season never end
That's right, I'm on your side
I want to have the same dream as you,
and forever

Let's say I stopped loving you.
Let's say I never did.
Let's pretend that's true,
though we both know I'm heartbroken
deep inside [[HIROTO]]

I wish we could stay like this forever,
Just to watch the stars sparkle at night.
But we both know that this night can't last forever,
For something this beautiful has to end.
In the end, all I know is my love will only be for you,

You are so bright!
The center of my world!
If it wasn't for you, and if it wasn't for us,
I'd be at a lost without you

Remember the day we met?
Remember the look in my eyes?
Remember the spark we had?
Those were great memories weren't they?
[[HIROTO]], I'm going crazy without you

Just kiss me, baby~

You, you, you & LOVE~♥

Sorry, it's not love
Baby love, isn't that fine?
It's not a dream
Don't stop the romance

Sometimes, it's really hard to love you.
The fights, the yelling, the name calling;
it tears me apart.
Even when we have our quarrels,
we always have our good memories.
As I think about it all,
I don't hate you, but I'm not sure I love you,
but whatever the case,
I can never live without you.

The love I couldn't express completely
will turn into flowers and fall on the city.

No matter where you are, I can always feel you here.

[HIROTO]: I dazzle people?
[ANNA]: Yes
[HIROTO]: Do i dazzle you?
[ANNA]: Frequently

That's [HIROTO].
He's gorgeous of course.
But don't waste your time, he doesn't date.
Well, that was until he met me.

I cant be your superman.
I cant be your knight in shiny armor.
But what I can be is yours.

The birds sing, the bees buzz, the wind whispers;
It's finally spring.
The time I've been waiting for all year.
Because during this magical time,
the flowers bloom, but so does love.
I just hope that you,
Would be that boy.

I've always put on a smile,
whether I was gloomy or sad.
Because when ever you would leave,
I would be on the floor, crying.
For it was torture to be away from;
It's hurts so much, but I cant stop.
You're like a drug;
But this is worse than addiction.

The way you smile, it's like sunshine
The way you laugh, it's like music
The way you scowl, it's adorable
The way you sing, it's like a drug
The way you dance, it's hypnotizing
The way you hug me, it's safe
The way you kiss, it's heaven

The sight of you makes my heart
beat your name.

Our love...
is a friendship
set to music

These are the magic years...
and therefore magic days...
and therefore magic moments

Forever is composed of nows

If I had a flower for every time you mad me
smile, I'd be walking in an endless garden

across the miles

A part of you has grown in me,
together forever we shall be,

never apart, maybe in distance,
but not in heart

good times

if all the griefs I am to have
would only come today

I am so happy I believe
they'd laugh and run away


i love you

not only for what you are, but for what
I am when I am with you,

Damn «HIROTO»,
you sexy bitch.

I'll fight for you
with my bare hands.

I'll protect you
til the end of time.

I'll die for you
because you're the one I love.

HIROTO causes +multiple+ eargasms!

All of the other girls call him
But only I'm allowed to call him

››My‹‹ lips were m e a n t to kiss HIROTO.
Smoochie smooch!

You try to be strong, but you look at me with the eyes of a child
I'll wrap you up, accepting everything, including your tears
I'm unreliable, but I love you more than anyone
Even the littlest things are a special happiness

What kind of couple will we be in the future?
I don't need anything special, so long as you're smiling
I'm anxious because I love you
When I open my eyes, I softly embrace everything I can feel, to confirm our love
I won't forget the warmth of your hand in mine
Let's make a lot of memories

What have you seen? What have you experienced?
Just the fact that you'll be by my side in hard times makes me happy
What awaits us?
Let's overcome everything together
On days we fight and on sunny days after the rain, forever...

if unstoppable time is coming, i do not need anything else.
I just want you to always keep smiling..

if i was born to meet you,
i want to cherish every moment in my heart..

even if it is just a second,
let me be by your side a little bit longer.

You're always on my mind
I need you all the time
So come and get with me
'Cause baby you're the one I need
Someone to hold me tight

'Cause I can't sleep at night
You are my fantasy
[[HIROTO]], you drive me c r a z y

Love can be so boring, but not with you.
~HIROTO~ You're just the best I ever had.

I am the HIROTO of Livejournal.

HIROTO is my snuggle bunny~♥

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